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Acer Mikawa Yatsubusa


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Rare and unusual; this sturdy maple has a neat habit; the sharply lobed leaves forming a series of dense layers across artistically placed branches. Lush; lime-green in spring; the foliage deepens in summer; then turns bright yellow in autumn. A lovely maple for smaller gardens or containers. Height 1.5x1m

MAPLES are a firm favourite; their distinctive leaf shapes and vibrant foliage changing colour through the seasons; beautify our gardens throughout spring; summer; autumn and in winter their highly decorative stems and diversity of form come into their own!.Choose from low spreaders; exquisite patio trees; small lawn specimens or larger forms for farms and avenues. Undemanding in their requirements; versatile and worthy of extensive planting. Note; Japanese Maples; (Acer palmatum); need shelter from the wind.