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Apple ‘Croquella’ 75cm std 6L


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‘Croquella’ is a unique; French apple which is grafted on a short standard to create a very special; compact patio or garden subject. This delightful little tree provides year round interest; beautiful spring blossom and bright red apples in summer.
The blossom smothers the tree in a delightful light pink; giving you a fantastic show during spring time and the fruit of ‘Croquella’ is crisp and juicy with a delicious; well balanced taste; (not too sweet; not too tart).
Good; natural disease resistance means minimal spraying is required and little or no pruning is needed. ‘Croquella’ fruits very early in the season; which means you should be harvesting fruit from January!

The fruit holds well on the tree and can be picked over a long period.
You will get plenty of apples from this compact little tree; a great all-rounder! Self fertile. 2.5m