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Daffodil ‘Quail’


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This variety is well known for its delightful scent and early flowering. These Daffodils produce up to 4-6 Polyanthus blooms per stem. Easy to grow they are very hardy and provide a mass of colour. Sitting on 40-60 cm stems they make a great cut flower; or; when planted in bold clusters in the garden have a very showy result.
Plant the Daffodils 8-10cm deep; 10-12 cm apart in well worked soil; preferably in a sunny; free draining position. If drainage is a problem; plant shallower and mound the soil over the bulbs. Never cut back or remove the foliage until it has died down naturally. Available from mid-February through to May and is best to be planted straight away. For best results year after year feed with Fiesta Bulb Food.