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Daltons Premium Seed Mix 30L


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Daltons Premium Seed Mix is a blend of high quality ingredients and fertilisers designed specifically for germinating and growing from seeds with vigorous and healthy root growth; in seed trays; cell trays or direct sowing into your garden. Daltons Premium Seed Mix is specially formulated to ensure your seedlings receive the best possible start.

Another commercially proven mix; Daltons Premium Seed Mix is used by leading cell growers throughout New Zealand. Daltons Premium Seed Mix is a blend of Coco Fibre; screened New Zealand Bark Fines and Daltons Pumice. This ensures optimum particle size for the germination and growing of seedlings. A balanced blend of fertilisers are incorporated including Osmocote Exact Mini® 3/4 Month; a commercial quality fertiliser giving even distribution of nutrients. Wetting agent is added for even hydration throughout the mix and Trichodry® is added for chemical free disease suppression and naturally healthy seedlings.

Commercially proven mix for use in seed germination and cell trays
Contains Osmocote Exact Mini® controlled release fertiliser to ensure even growth and nutrients for up to 4 months
Made from sustainable and renewable resources
Contains Trichodry® – the friendly fungus – for seedling health
Environmentally friendly