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Elephant Garlic 500g


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Elephant Garlic is becoming increasingly popular due to its mild distinctive flavour. The cloves are much larger than normal garlic.

The best planting time for garlic is mid-June to August. Good drainage is essential to prevent bulbs from rotting. Apply Morton Smith-Dawe Bone Flour or Blood and Bone before planting. Break the garlic bulb into individual cloves; it is important you do this the same day of planting as the clove will dehydrate and may not produce as well.

Garlic competes poorly with weeds; try to keep as weed free as possible. Water moderately.

Excellent for roasting with meat; roasting and eating as a side dish; diced and eaten raw.

New Zealand Grown Elephant Garlic

Planting: Plant cloves 2-4cm deep and 10cm apart.

Approximately after 7 months. Once tips of the leaves begin to yellow and the base of the stem goes soft. This variety will produce seed heads.

Handle with care as freshly dug garlic bulbs are easily damaged.