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Thrive All Purpose Granular Plant Food 2kg


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Yates Thrive All Purpose Granular Plant Food is specially formulated to grow lush & healthy plants; in the garden or pots. Contains balanced nutrient levels for abundant fruit; foliage & flowers. Contains essential trance elements for overall plant health & vitality.

Suitable for a wide variety of plants; including fruit & vegies; flowers; bulbs; ornamentals; shrubs; hedges and natives
Provides balanced feeding for stronger; healthier growth; promoting greener foliage and larger; more abundant flowers & fruit
Apply before planting or sprinkle on the soil surface for established plants
Controlled release nitrogen that slows the delivery of Nitrogen (N) and feeds plants gradually for up to 12 weeks
Custom fertiliser blend of Nitrogen (N); Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K); plus trace elements to deliver fast feeding