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Thrive Camellia Gardenia & Blueberry Plant Food 2kg


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Yates Thrive Camellia; Gardenia & Blueberry Food is specially formulated to grow acid-loving plants such as camellias; gardenias; daphnes; azaleas; rhododendrons and blueberries. Contains essential trace elements for overall plant health & vitality.

Suitable for a wide variety of plants that need acidic soil (lower pH) to thrive. This includes camellias; gardenias; daphnes; rhododendrons; magnolias; azaleas; kalmias and blueberries
It provides balanced feeding for stronger; healthier growth; promoting greener foliage and larger; more abundant flowers & fruit
Add before planting or sprinkle on the soil surface for established plants
Controlled release nitrogen that slows the delivery of Nitrogen (N); and feeds plants gradually for up to 12 weeks
Custom fertiliser blend of Nitrogen (N); Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K); plus trace elements to deliver fast feeding