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Thrive Natural Dolomite Lime 2.5KG


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Yates Thrive Natural Dolomite Lime is a certified input for organic gardening; that contains natural dolomite lime (calcium and magnesium carbonate). It gently raises the pH of acid soils; conditions the soil; improves soil structure and enables plants to access nutrients; as well as supplying calcium for stronger plants and magnesium for healthy leaves.

Natural source of essential soil nutrients: supplies a high level of calcium (Ca); a major plant nutrient needed by plants in large amounts for strengthening plant cells; including stems; flowers and fruit. Supplies a high level of magnesium (Mg) which is essential for the production of chlorophyll and maintaining healthy; green leaves. An excellent source of magnesium especially for citrus; roses and tomatoes
Natural soil acidity adjuster: naturally raises soil pH to ideal levels boosting plant growth through improved plant nutrient uptake
In acidic soils; certain nutrients are ‘locked in’; so the addition of Yates Thrive Natural Garden Lime ‘unlocks’ nutrients that then become available to plants
Natural soil conditioner: improves soil structure of heavy (clay) soils and conditions the soil; by stimulating the activity of earthworms and soil microbes. This helps plants to access nutrient s as well as gain greater benefit from other plant fertilisers
Naturally boosts the decomposition of soil organic matter improving soil quality and stimulating earthworm and soil microbe activity – good for use in compost bins; garden beds and reducing the build up of lawn thatch
Certified by BioGro NZ