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Viburnum ‘Opulus Sterile’ ‘Snowball Tree’ 2L


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The famous ‘Snowball Tree’.A large; deciduous; open; graceful shrub; developing from a thicket of stems. In late spring; showy; perfectly round balls of apple-green emerge; then gradually change to sparkling white; smothering the plant in flowers. The attractive; deep green; lobed leaves; in autumn; light up in a vibrant display of autumn colours while the glistening red berries; which follow the flowers last well into winter. . 3 x 2m.
Birds and bees love this oustanding shrub and so do gardeners! A seriously good landscape plant featuring deciduous and evergreen varieties. Prefers moist; fertile soil; easy to grow and very rewarding. Extra hardy in cold winters; coming into magnificent flower in winter; through to spring.